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01 Feb The month of love is upon Snack Town
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The month of love is upon us! We changed our logo for the event. You may have already seen on our Instagram @snacktowncanada. Warm wishes for a happy Valentine's Day. We hope you celebrate it by doing..
01 Jan Fanta Land
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Happy New Year!This January edition is dedicated to Fanta. At Snack Town we are huge fans of Fanta and thrive to find more and more each month to get the largest collection in north america. Our perso..
01 Dec Our Picks December
admin 8 14585
December is the month of the Holidays! With every order over 50$ you will receive a free KitKat Santa. A way from us to wish you happy holidays.This month our picks are :Fanta  Pineapple Mountain Dew ..
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